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Terms & conditions

FindMyMedicalCentre/Medical Centre Booking System is owned, operated and copyrighted to The term "We" refer to and FindMyMedicalCentre its creators and owners. By using this site you agree to be bound by and accept without limitation to the following terms and conditions:


  • By using this site you agree that any information you enter will be your own accord. The information may be used and shared amongst the organisation using the Medical Centre Booking System.

No liability what so ever

  • We do not hold any liability for any information or details enter by any user, registered medical centre user, doctors or anyone using this website. The information used and entered is solely the responsibility of the user or users.
  • We do not hold any liability to any form of business loss or personal loss from using this website. Further it is each individual’s or organisation’s responsibility to maintain the information entered in this system.
  • We do not hold any responsibility to the accuracy or legitimacy of any information entered in this website by any user or organisation.

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