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How to use the medical centre booking system

This website lets find mecical centres in your suburb, allows you see doctors available and booking an appointment with your doctor. To get started goto Booking Home, select a date by clicking on the calendar, enter the suburb where you live or where the medical centre is located then select the medical centre from the below dropdown list.

Below instructions details how to use this website in step by step instructions. (For best results use Mozilla Firefox browser)

Two views available

  • User View - To be used by all visitors/patients.
  • Registered medical centre user View - This is to be used by medical centre administrators, office staff and doctors.

User View - To be used by all visitors/patients

  • Normal user view is a visitor on the website who is using the website as a patient.
  • On the Booking Home enter a postcode or enter a suburb  and click the get medical centre button or select a state fromthe dropdown list. This will list all the medical centres registered with this website in the dropdown list below in alphabetical order.
  • If a state selected this will populate the dropdown list with all the medical centres registered in that state.
  • Select a Medical centre.
  • Then select a date by clicking on the calendar. The date field is empty by default.
  • After selecting a Medical centre and a date, click on the Medical Centre Doctor button.
  • This will direct you to the list of doctors working for that medical centre on that particular date.
  • Select a doctor by clicking the doctor name.
  • This will direct you to appointment booking page.
  • If you are not already registered with this system click on the link to create new patient.
  • Enter all required details to register as a new patient. Once successfully added as a new patient a link will appear below to return back to appointment window.
  • From the available appointments select an appointment time.
  • Enter your name *Note this name must match the exact name you used when you registered with the system.
  • Click on the Add Appointment button.
  • You will get a confirmation message and an email if the appointment was successfully added.

Registered medical centre user View - This is to be used by medical centre administrators, office staff and doctors

  • You must a registered medical centre to login to the system.
  • Click on the menu item Registered Users.
  • To register a medical centre click link Add Medical Centre.
  • Fill in all the details and click on the Add Medical Centre.
  • After clicking the Add Medical Centre button you will be directed to a confirmation page, this will show your initial login username and password. A confirmation email will also be sent to your email.
  • Use the initial username and password to login to the system.
  • When you login in you will be directed to a Control Panel page with 5 main components:
    • Add/Edit Doctor Appointment
    • Add/Edit Doctor
    • Add/Edit User
    • Edit Medical Centre Details
    • Add/Edit Patient
  • Add Doctors to your Medical Centre
    • From the Control Panel click on Add/Edit Doctor button and fill in the details to add a doctor to your Medical Centre.
    • Note* doctor name should be in the format of “Dr.Firstname Lastname” as this will be used as username “dr.firstname.lastname”
    • A doctor is automatically registered as a user and can login to the system using the doctor username and the initial password created at the time of adding the doctor.
  • Add Users to the Medical Centre
    • From the Control Panel click on the Add/Edit User button and fill in the details. Make sure to remember User Name and Password.
  • Add Doctor availability to Medical Centre
    • From the Control Panel select a date from Add/Edit Doctor Appointment and click Doctor Appointment button.
    • Note if you click Add/Edit Doctor Appointment without a date it will list history of all appointments made for the medical centre.
    • Add/Edit Doctor Appointment
      • Select a doctor from the dropdownlist.
      • Note* if you want to add doctor availability for future dates then select a date from the calendar.
      • Select a Expected in time, Expected out time, Lunch out and Lunch in.
      • Note* if you need to input a time besides the dropdown list options (e.g. 8:45AM), select “--:--?—“ from the dropdown list this will show an input box next the list here you can enter a valid time (e.g 8:45AM).
      • If you want to show doctor time details but do not wish to take appointments online then select “N” on Doctor Available dropdown list.
      • Click “Add Doctor Schedule” button to add doctor. You will see the doctor details added below.
      • To edit or delete doctor schedule click the links on desired table row.
      • Note” when editing details DO NOT change the date in any text boxes only change the time.
    • When managing doctor appointments if you need to view each doctor’s appointment for a particular date, click on the doctor name
      • This will bring up the appointment schedule window.
      • You will be able to see all available appointments and a table containing all the online made appointments for that doctor.
      • You can add, extend or delete appointments for a patient from the Doctor appointments table.
      • Click Edit and change the time in 15 minutes intervals.
      • Note* All appointments are made in 15 minute blocks therefore it is VERY IMPOTANT to if editing appointment times to keep within 15 minute blocks.
      • You can add the patient to you medical centre if not already added.
  • Edit Medical Centre
    • From the Control Panel click Edit Medical Centre, on the next window add or edit Medical Centre details.
  • Add/Edit Patient Details
    • From the Control Panel click Add/Edit Patient, and fill in the details to add a new pateint. Note* Patient details are shared amongst all the Medical Centres therefore ONLY add/edit verified patient information.
    • To edit the Edit link next to the patient. Edit patient details.

and Booking an appointment by a Patient & Patient Registration.

Watch the below videos to learn how to Create a Medical Centre

Video below demonstrates how to use the administration Control Panel

Video below demonstrates how a user/patient books an appointment and patient registration

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